Mass Transitions

I'm writing poems based on my experience of riding every New York City subway line end to end. Here are some excerpts from my manuscript in progress. 


Because We Need Each Other

F train to Coney Island 

Take care of each other, New Yorkers

saxophonists and contractors

mailmen and temps

coders and poets and moms

the looking the not looking

on your way there and back

take care.


Look up strangers and neighbors

renters the all-set the unhoused

the booted at the turnstile

the bodega and the beach

let them out first

move aside

it's time.


It's showtime dreamers

charmers and smiths

hummers and fairies

the twisted the whistlers

the swift.


Gazunheit witches and cynics

empaths and cranks

sad sacks and hagglers

Cassandra, here,

take my seat.


Hold the door, drunks,

for nanas, pharmacists,

and other haulers of stuff,

the sweaty, the petty, the sick,

the folks with no fucks left to give

what you came in with is enough

spare some change.


Follow the signs

archivists and librarians,

mapmakers, the rats.

Take care of me, New York.

My hand is out to catch or break

one or both

of our falls.

Listen to the Poems

Listen to me read several of my subway poems at the end of this interview I did with Christy Davids at Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania this spring. Poems start around the 46:30 minute mark. 

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