yolanda wisher

New Work at Jacket2

I am very grateful to have work in Solidarity Texts edited by Laynie Browne, an awe-inspiring collection of work by re-sisters. (It's a dream table of contents, with work from M. NourbeSe Philip, Anne Boyer, Yolanda Wisher, and so, so, so many others.) 

About the impetus for this collection, Laynie writes:

I sought the protection and potency of art in company — mantras, emblems, scripts, and practices. I wanted to remember not only culpability, but also the potential creative energy of the body. My process for gathering Solidarity Texts: Radiant Re-Sisters included a willful negation of the harmful and violent rhetoric all around us. I wanted to spread a contagion of love, a scaffold of hands. I was in a great hurry. 

We all are. 

Image credit: M. NourbeSe Philip