Sue Landers & Christy Davids In Conversation

I'm happy to share an interview I did with Christy Davids at the Kelly Writers House. In it, we discuss my book Franklinstein and the politics of mapping, memory, and place-based history. Big thanks to Julia Bloch for making this possible!

Listen to the show. 

Bonus track: in the last quarter of the show (starting around the 46 minute mark), I talk about my current project, a poetic investigation of the New York City subway, and share several new poems that were inspired by riding every subway line end to end. 


Big New Job News!

I am thrilled to announce that this July, I will join Lambda Literary as its next executive director.

Lambda has a long, remarkable history preserving and celebrating LGBTQ+ literature and culture. It is an incredible honor to follow in the footsteps of Lambda's current executive director, Tony Valenzuela, who for the past nine years has greatly expanded the organization's programs and reach.

I believe books are absolutely vital to our collective happiness and survival. And organizations like Lambda Literary, which champion LGBTQ+ writers and their work, foster precisely the sort of radical imagination we need to build a more equitable world. 

I am overjoyed about joining such a vital and inspiring organization, and look forward to serving all members of Lambda’s community.

Read full press release here.


New Work at About Place Journal

My poem, "Shorokkopoch Rock," based on my journey to the end of the A train (Inwood-207) is now available in the latest issue of About Place Journal.

This issue also features two of my photographs: "Man With Fish," taken near the end of the D, F, N, and Q lines in Coney Island, and "East New York Farms," taken near the end of the 3 train at New Lots.   

From her foreward to the issue, Priscilla Ybarra writes: 

"The many lived experiences represented in this issue call to task the settler colonial history of wilderness, declaring the breadth of lives that have shaped our communities and will continue to fiercely create toward a more inclusive future, in defiance of the forces stacked against us, just as we’ve always done."

I'm grateful to the editors of this issue—Tammy Melody Gomez, Mayra Guardiola, and Priscilla Ybarra—for publishing my work. 


New Work at Jacket2

I am very grateful to have work in Solidarity Texts edited by Laynie Browne, an awe-inspiring collection of work by re-sisters. (It's a dream table of contents, with work from M. NourbeSe Philip, Anne Boyer, Yolanda Wisher, and so, so, so many others.) 

About the impetus for this collection, Laynie writes:

I sought the protection and potency of art in company — mantras, emblems, scripts, and practices. I wanted to remember not only culpability, but also the potential creative energy of the body. My process for gathering Solidarity Texts: Radiant Re-Sisters included a willful negation of the harmful and violent rhetoric all around us. I wanted to spread a contagion of love, a scaffold of hands. I was in a great hurry. 

We all are. 

Image credit: M. NourbeSe Philip

New Work in The Tiny

I'm thrilled to have work (poems plus the cover photo!) in the next issue of The Tiny.

Issue 5 features work by: Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Faye Chevalier, Angel Dominguez, Kate Greenstreet, Sue Landers, Tony Mancus, Aaron McCollough, Stan Mir, Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Kory Oliver, Craig Santos Perez, Lance Phillips, Randy Prunty, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Raquel Salas Rivera, Jen Rouse, Lauren Samblanet, Kevin Thurston, and Jen Tynes. 

Apply to PLAYA



The PLAYA residency in Eastern Oregon is beyond amazing.

Sublime geography, free accommodations, two meals a week provided, and inspiring co-residents.

I was there for a month and wrote the first draft of my book in addition to taking dozens of photos that could serve as Microsoft screensavers.

I also ran away from a flock of quail because I'm a city girl and they are FREAKING LOUD..